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PrimaryOne Health aims to be your partner for long-term health. To accomplish this goal, we provide a comprehensive list of affordable healthcare services to our patients throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. Whether you’re an individual looking for a specialized services or you have family in need of regular examination and check ups, we are here for you. Contact us today to become a patient with PrimaryOne Health!

Take a look at the list of services we offer to our patients.

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Women’s Health Services

We offer an extensive list of services to meet the healthcare needs of women in Central Ohio. Our community health workers can connect expectant mothers to resources and helpful programs. At PrimaryOne Health, we move beyond healthcare and into your everyday life.

Primary Care & Pediatrics

You would do anything to preserve, protect and promote the wellness of your child. PrimaryOne Health takes this same nurturing approach to its primary care and pediatric services. From newborn to age 18, our team comfortably provides regular check ups, shots, physicals and more to families throughout Central Ohio.

Dental Services


Our dental care centers are designed to provide a comprehensive services to our patients in a comfortable environment. From prevention, to operative dentistry, the PrimaryOne Health providers look to improve and preserve your oral health for years to come through regular checkups, cleanings, extractions and other dental services.

Vision Services


We look to protect, preserve and correct your vision through regular eye exams, various corrective lens prescriptions and on-site prescription fulfillment. Our providers have a great deal of experience in the field and use that knowledge to ensure optimal ocular health for years to come.

Behavioral & Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare services in Columbus ohio

By taking a transparent, dignified and patient-first approach to mental healthcare services, PrimaryOne Health aims to help individuals make personal strides and progress. Our extensive catalog of behavioral healthcare services are designed to best serve patients with a variety of mental health disorders and conditions.

Adult Medicine

Adult Healthcare Services

As we begin to age, new health risks and complications present themselves. The professional healthcare providers at PrimaryOne Health aim to minimize these risks and help provide a sense of security and comfort by providing treatments for diabetes, hypertension and other diseases affecting older adults.

Specialty Care

specialty healthcare services in central ohio

Health care isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Some circumstances call for a more specialized professional will a different skill set. For these patients in need of specialty care, we offer physical therapy and dietetic services.

Healthcare for the Homeless

healthcare for the homeless program by PrimaryOne Health

With the primary objective of reducing the struggles of the homeless population in Central Ohio, we promote and provide a catalog of healthcare services and resources to individuals and families that are considered “homeless.” From primary to specialized care, we make progress and health strides easier for you to reach.

STI/HIV/Hepatitis C Services

PrimaryOne Health currently offers STI screenings – including for HIV. Additionally, clinical pharmacists are able to provide screening and treatment for Hepatitis C.

340B Prescription Drug Discount Program

As a PrimaryOne Health patient, you are enrolled in the 340B Prescription Drug Assistance Program, allowing you to save up to 90% on eligible prescriptions written by PrimaryOne Health.

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacists work with patients to provide education about their chronic disease states, recommendations for medication changes, and non-medication related disease management.


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At PrimaryOne Health, we strive to provide a personalized healthcare experience for each patient. Our team treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve while assisting you in living your life with minimal health complications. Contact us today for more information or to set up your first appointment!