Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health & Behavioral Health Services in Central Ohio

Being a patient at PrimaryOne Health means you will be treated as a “whole person”—emotionally and physically. This approach helps you and your family achieve wellness and improve your overall health. One of the ways we do this is by offering behavioral healthcare to all of our patients who receive medical and dental care at one of our centers. Need to talk to someone immediately about how you are feeling? Call or text 988 to reach the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Meet our Behavioral Health practitioners

What to Expect at Our PrimaryOne Health Facilities

Because the medical and behavioral health teams work together, a member of our Behavioral Health Department may stop by when you are seeing your medical provider to see how you’re doing. Someone may ask you about your level of stress or check in with you to see if there are concerns in your life that you may be having difficulty tackling. Our team approach is a way that we can address all of your concerns, not just your medical issues. If you are experiencing any symptoms of depression or anxiety, drug or alcohol troubles, smoking or overeating, we want you to feel comfortable talking with us about your challenges.

It’s good to know that you don’t have to go to another agency to get the emotional and mental health support you need. You can talk to someone in the same center where you see your medical provider. We can help you solve problems and get information about your symptoms in brief 20-30 minute appointments conveniently provided in the patient exam room.

Just need someone to listen? Ask your medical provider today if you can talk to someone from the Behavioral Health team!

Are the PrimaryOne Health Behavioral Services Right for You?

Our Behavioral Health team consists of highly skilled and trained clinicians, social workers, counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and trainees who can offer many services. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we will surely be able to help! Even if we don’t provide the services necessary for your specific concern, contact us today and we will help put you in the right hands.

Want to know if you’re feeling too stressed out?

We offer mental health screenings that can let you know if you’re having anxiety, depression, or other conditions that come from stress!

Worried about your alcohol or drug use?

We provide screenings that can let you know if you need help!

Are there any emotional or social concerns you are having during your pregnancy?

Do you feel scared or overwhelmed? We offer prenatal assessments to see if there is anything you need during your pregnancy and can provide you with support for this sometimes stressful phase of your life.

Need help getting through some tough times?

We offer short-term counseling to help you cope with your life’s situation, upsetting relationship, or other painful emotional events with which you might be struggling.

Need to know where the nearest food bank is located?

We offer linkage to social service resources.

Have someone in your family whose behavior worries you or you’re not sure what’s wrong with them?

We offer education on any mental health or substance use disorder or condition (anxiety, depression, stress, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.).

Want to know how to feel less stressed and exhausted?

We can help you learn relaxation skills to manage your stress, nervousness, or worries.

Want some support in your battle to quit smoking?

We can help you begin that journey at your own pace.

Need to lose weight to help your diabetes or other health condition?

Just want to feel better but don’t know where to start? We can support you in understanding your individual challenges to weight management and develop a plan that might work for YOU!

Don’t understand why you always feel tired?

We can provide you information about sleep hygiene and healthy sleep habits.

Our providers are committed to caring for each patient as an individual, striving to provide personalized care along the path to your well-being. Want to talk to someone in Behavioral Health? If you’re a patient, ask your medical provider or call our main number at 614-645-5500. If you haven’t already, contact us today to become a patient at PrimaryOne Health!