STI/STD, Hep C, and HIV Services

PrimaryOne Health offers STI testing, treatment, and HIV services, designed to help you know your status and live your healthiest life.

An STI is an infection passed from one person to another through sexual contact. HIV (or human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. Gone untreated, HIV can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). PrimaryOne Health currently offers STI screenings – including for HIV.

PrEP — AID Upstate

HIV PrEP Program

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a once-a-day pill taken to prevent individuals who do not currently have HIV from becoming infected. Taking PrEP on a daily basis has been shown to be highly effective in preventing HIV.

Contact 614.859.1897 or for more information.

STI Treatment

STIs are highly treatable. If you test positive, PrimaryOne Health is able to provide you the care, treatment, and resources you need.

Call 614.645.5500 to schedule an appointment for general STI screening or treatment.

PrimaryOne Health can provide testing and treatment for Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C (HCV) is a liver infection spread through contact with the blood of an infected person. Hep C can lead to chronic liver disease but is curable. If you are at risk, P1H clinical pharmacists are readily available to help manage your Hepatitis C infection.