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The PrimaryOne Health Partners

When it comes to our operation, each piece of the puzzle makes an immense difference. Each organization helps make PrimaryOne Health special in its own way and extend our reach to those in need of healthcare services in the Central Ohio area.

We proudly thank and recognize our valued healthcare and professional partners.

Columbus Public Health

Specialties: Women’s health, public healthcare & dental services

OSU Wexner Medical Center



Relationship: Medicaid technical assistance, policy & behavioral health

Breathing Association

  • Breathing
  • Lung health
  • Lung disease
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Smoking cessation
  • Breathing disorders
  • Asthma

Language Access Network

Relationship: Interpreting Services

Central Ohio Diabetes Association

Relationship: Diabetes detection, treatment & prevention

Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Relationship: Feeding Hungry people in central and eastern Ohio

Our Behavioral Health Collaborators


Relationship: Diabetes collaborator and provider of childcare



Our Women’s Health & Infant Mortality Prevention Specialists

Ohio Equity Institute

Relationship: Racial disparity in healthcare

Centering Pregnancy

Relationship: Prenatal care

CAI Choice (Cicatelli Associates Inc.)

Relationship: Contraceptive education


Relationship: National organization for community health centers

Southern Gateway Project

Our relationship: Coordinating South side redevelopment

Reeb Avenue Center

Relationship: Redevelopment and coordination of social services

Patient Centered Medical Home

Relationship: Credentials centers to be PCMH

The Ohio State University

Relationship: Partner with in specialty services