Medical Patient

Portal Features

  • View personal health record information online
  • Send non-urgent messages to your provider or staff
  • Request prescription refills online
  • Request appointments online


If you are the parent or permanent legal guardian of a patient that is a child between the ages of 0-11 years old or a legal guardian of an adult patient or a person who has a Power of Attorney for healthcare over an adult patient, you can request proxy access.

Once a patient portal consent form is completed to request proxy access and proof of guardianship or Power of Attorney has been submitted to a Front desk staff member at one of our PrimaryOne Health locations, a proxy invite will be sent to your email address provided on the consent within 24 hours

When your child turns 12, you will no longer be able to view any new information about your child in the portal. At this time, proxy access is not available for children between the ages of 12 to 17 years old.


1) Can I register for the portal online?
Yes! To self-register for a FollowMyHealth portal account, go to, click “Create an Account”, choose your login method, fill out account information, click ‘Connect’ to PrimaryOne Health, then ‘Next’ to accept the terms and conditions. Please wait 2-3 business days for a representative to approve the connection request. An email address is required to create an account

2) What if I forget my password?
Go to, click “Log In”, select your login method, click the “Forgot Password” link then follow the directions to reset your password.

3) Why can’t I see my lab results?
Lab results sent to the patient portal once they have been reviewed by the doctor. If they are not visible, your lab results may not be final just yet. Please send a portal message to us if you have not received notification regarding your lab results within 2 weeks of your visit.

4) How do I access my account from my mobile device?

You can install the free FollowMyHealth app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play store.
Once you have the app, you can choose to specify certain notifications be sent via text message to your mobile phone. You can manage your preferences in your patient portal account under “My Account”. Text messages will not contain protected health information.


If you are having problems accessing the patient portal, please contact 614-645-5500, option 1, for assistance or email

Online Registration

To self register, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “I need to sign up”
  3. Fill out account information
  4. Create a username & password
  5. Click “Connect” for PrimaryOne Health & then click “Next”
  6. Please wait 2-3 business days for your account to be successfully created.