2023 Healthcare Justice Awards

November 2, 2023 from 6pm to 9pm
COSI (Center of Science and Industry)
333 West Broad Street, Columbus OH 43215

History of Healthcare Justice Awards

PrimaryOne Health annually recognizes an individual or a partner organization/agency who embodies the traits of an advocate for healthcare justice—dedication, determination, leadership, and courage. This award was established to celebrate individuals and partners in our community who work to:

  • Expand access to healthcare & wellness services;
  • Eliminate health disparities and promote healthcare justice;
  • Promote cultural & linguistic competence in healthcare; and/or
  • Break down cultural & social barriers to quality healthcare.

Our Beneficiary

Our beneficiary for the 9th Annual Healthcare Justice Awards is the Healthcare Justice Scholarship Fund. Started in 2021 at the Columbus Foundation, the Healthcare Justice Scholarship benefits racial, ethnic, and cultural underrepresented populations pursuing careers in healthcare. The scholarship fund will increase opportunities; educate, train, and employ more diverse individuals; and allow for more diverse perspectives in the healthcare field.

PrimaryOne Health’s focus is identifying and educating current and future health professionals from diverse backgrounds. Over $150,000 has been raised for the scholarship fund since its inception two years ago. Further questions about the scholarship may be directed to Susan Brewer at susan.brewer@primaryonehealth.org.

Download the PDF of the Sponsorship
and Registration Packet.

9th Annual Healthcare Justice Awards Planning Committee

  • Rose Arkus
  • Leslie Alexander-London
  • Susan Brewer
  • Daisha Burston
  • Mary Bynum
  • Gina Caban
  • Katia Cobourn
  • Icilda Dickerson
  • Brigid Everhart
  • Chavaughn Gibson
  • Grace Hall
  • Charlene Hairston
  • Judi Lisi
  • Ebony Loving
  • Pam Mayle
  • Sue Moore
  • Bhuwan Pyakurel
  • Charleta B. Tavares
  • Ebony Wakefield
  • Jangus Whitner

Thank You to Our Sponsors!