PrimaryOne Health Joins the Columbus Commitment

Pledging to promote innovation to address gender- and race-based pay inequities

Columbus, OH – PrimaryOne Health, central Ohio’s longest serving and largest Federally Qualified Health Center, is proud to collaborate with the City of Columbus on the Columbus Commitment to Achieve Pay Equity. An initiative of the Columbus Women’s Commission to make Columbus a top-tier US city by dismantling barriers to improve the economic position of women in our community.

“PrimaryOne Health is in the business of eliminating barriers to healthcare,” said Charleta B. Tavares, CEO, “we understand that sustainable, living wages play a large part in that equation.”

With, not only a female CEO, PrimaryOne Health boasts an 86 percent female workforce throughout its 11 central Ohio locations (10 in Franklin County, 1 in Pickaway County).

PrimaryOne Health is staffed by a dedicated team who take care of the whole patient. QueueDr enabled those staff members to spend even more time with patients, by automating the entire patient access process and rescheduling any missed appointments. Additionally, because QueueDr is integrated into their practice management system, QueueDr did not disrupt staff workflow.

“PrimaryOne Health is such a great example of how our industry-defying solution is creating new standards in healthcare IT,” stated Patrick Randolph, CEO and founder of QueueDr. “We believe everyone deserves timely access to quality care. We will never release products that don’t support patients in every socioeconomic background and we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them.”

PrimaryOne Health is a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving central Ohio through 11 strategically placed clinical sites since 1997. Working to provide access to services to improve the health status of families, PrimaryOne Health offers primary care, vision, dental and behavioral health services. PrimaryOne Health is a proud member of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). For more information about PrimaryOne Health and its programs, go to

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