Health Center Collaboration Announces Expansion and New Services Plan in the Dublin, Ohio Area

Syntero Inc. and PrimaryOne Health’s (P1H) joint health center partnership at 299 Cramer Creek in Dublin, Ohio will separate to expand and increase their health center footprints, effective August 30, 2019, pending approval by the board of directors, allowing Syntero the expansion of more than 1,200 square feet.

“Demand for quality integrated healthcare services including behavioral health/mental continues to grow,” stated Julie Erwin Rinaldi, chief executive officer at Syntero. After implementing and providing integrated primary care and behavioral health services under the same roof using shared resources since the spring of 2014, both entities have experienced expanded growth and have outgrown the existing facility.

“It is a problem for our collaboration and both healthcare practitioners. However, we are extremely excited about re-locating P1H services in Dublin to a larger facility where the plan is to add services such as women’s health, dietetics/nutrition, walk-in and possibly vision services,” stated Charleta B. Tavares, chief executive officer at PrimaryOne Health.

“The collaboration has provided more than 14,093 patient visits in 20 different languages across 23 zip codes at Cramer Creek since 2014”, said Dr. Barbara Laroque, interim chief clinical officer at P1H. With the expanded spaces, services and access, it is forecasted that the unmet needs in the Dublin area will decrease by nearly 30%.

“Quality care and access to integrated health services in our community is of utmost importance and we are proud of the Syntero/PrimaryOne Health collaboration and new plan to expand facilities in Dublin,” said Donna Goss, development director at the City of Dublin.

Plans are underway for the Syntero and P1H facility expansion will be determined through the design process. The final timeline is scheduled for the end of the year.

About PrimaryOne Health
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