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Leading Ohio-Based Level 3 PCMH Health System Provides Early Access to Over 1500 Patients

Columbus, OH – QueueDr, a leader in autonomous patient access and scheduling for health care, today announced that PrimaryOne Health, Central Ohio’s Leading Community Health Center, provided earlier care access for 1,500
patients using the QueueDr solution.

PrimaryOne Health is committed to quality healthcare for all, regardless of patient circumstances, thus they needed a patient access solution that could work for patients of all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. QueueDr’s
patient access solution requires no smartphone, there is nothing to download, or web login, making it available for patients without access to the internet or a smart phone. In addition, PrimaryOne Health focused on increasing the number of patient visits, something that QueueDr’s solution was able to do by filling last minute cancellations and preventing patient no-shows.

“QueueDr’s solution has been such a good fit for our patient demographic,” stated Charleta B. Tavares, CEO of PrimaryOne Health. “Historically, solutions to improve healthcare operations ignored indigent, limited English proficiency and other disenfranchised patient populations, but QueueDr changed that for us.”

PrimaryOne Health is staffed by a dedicated team who take care of the whole patient. QueueDr enabled those staff members to spend even more time with patients, by automating the entire patient access process and rescheduling any missed appointments. Additionally, because QueueDr is integrated into their practice management system, QueueDr did not disrupt staff workflow.

“PrimaryOne Health is such a great example of how our industry-defying solution is creating new standards in healthcare IT,” stated Patrick Randolph, CEO and founder of QueueDr. “We believe everyone deserves timely access to quality care. We will never release products that don’t support patients in every socioeconomic
background and we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them.”

PrimaryOne Health is a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving central Ohio through 11 strategically placed clinical sites since 1997. Working to provide access to services to improve the health status of families, PrimaryOne Health offers primary care, vision, dental and behavioral health services. PrimaryOne Health is a proud member of the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) and the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). For more information about PrimaryOne Health and its programs, go to

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